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In the beginning the cryptocurrencies were a very niche and near-evangelistic product, but in recent times their popularity has exploded with the masses. And none is more popular today than Bitcoin. While most people see Bitcoin primarily as an investing tool, payments with the world’s most popular cryptocurrency are on the rise.

The online casinos were among the very early adopters of Bitcoin and remain one of its most staunch supporters. Payments with Bitcoin, and a few other major cryptos, began years ago at the casino sites. The ease of transactions, paired with the unparalleled security, has cemented Bitcoin’s status with the online casinos for years to come.

And in order to entice their customers to choose this crypto over any other form of banking method, the casinos are more than happy to offer massive bonuses. This is exactly what we’ll be looking at today – the best Bitcoin bonuses available at the online casinos. Below you will find some of the largest free money bonus offers you can find from reputable gambling websites.

Bitcoin Bonus:


The Las Vegas USA online casino is perhaps the top choice for getting the most out of your Bitcoin deposit. For new customers to the casino, the Bitcoin bonus is a whopping 400% match on your deposit, up to $10,000! With such a large crypto bonus, there is no surprise that the Las Vegas USA casino is sitting atop of our ranking.

Established in the late 90’s, this is also one of the oldest casinos we recommend. Literally decades of impeccable reputation and service is why this is often the most recommended online casino. With over 300 different casino games, plenty of video slots, specialty games and even scratch cards, there is no reason why Las Vegas USA should not be your first choice for getting the biggest Bitcoin bonus possible.



Bitcoin Bonus:


And speaking of well-established online casinos, Bovada is certainly the oldest one on our list. Since the early 1990’s, Bovada has been delivering impeccable service, both as an online casino and as one of the most popular betting websites in the world.

Bovada was also among the very first gambling sites to start using Bitcoin. Foreseeing the future and the benefits of the cryptocurrencies, the casino was quick to set up a stable Bitcoin transactions backend and added the bonuses so important to most players.

Right now the Bitcoin bonus at Bovada comes in three parts, for the total of $3,750 worth of free money. Each of the three Bitcoin bonuses is based on a 125% match of your deposit, but most importantly – the wagering requirements set at only 25x are as low as you can find them anywhere. 

To take it a step further, Bovada is offering a special crypto-exclusive membership, which increases both the rewards accumulated by the player as well as the bonuses you get every time you deposit with Bitcoin. If you mostly bank at the online casinos with Bitcoin, Bovada and its special crypto program are a the best choice for getting plenty of bonuses.



Bitcoin Bonus:

300% Match

Getting the most out of your Bitcoin deposit will come a long way if you go with the Rich Palms casino. Their Bitcoin bonus goes as high as 300% match on your deposit, but plenty of other ones, such as 250% and 275% are available to claim.



Bitcoin Bonus:


Players can easily double their money multiple times at SlotoCash when they fund their account with Bitcoin and claim the bonuses available. You can claim the 200% bonus multiple time, and it will even come with up to 350 free spins on various slots available at this online casino.



Bitcoin Bonus:

Up To $8,888

Spread over 6 different deposits, the Bitcoin bonus starts at 250% match and includes hundreds of free spins, in addition to the free casino chips. With as little as $10 per deposit, you can clean up the casino bonuses when using Bitcoin as your main payment option at Uptown Aces.



How does it work

As mentioned, Bitcoin holds many benefits for the online casinos, compared with other banking methods. While banks will sometimes block transactions to gambling websites, because of its decentralized nature Bitcoin has a 100% transaction success. Fraud with crypto is not as wide-spread as with other methods and the speed of settling the crypto transactions is infinitely faster than the traditional payment methods.

For these reasons, the online casinos have long preferred their customers use Bitcoin, both to fund their accounts and cash out their winnings. To encourage this adoption among their players, the casinos are more than happy to offer unique, and in most cases big, deposit bonuses. And not only as a welcome bonus, but ongoing deposits for existing customers will often carry a match bonus much bigger than you would get with any other form of payment. This drive by the casinos to increase adoption of Bitcoin among their customers is what makes the Bitcoin bonus work. But this is not the sole reason why one should seek out the best Bitcoin bonuses at the casinos.

Benefits of using Bitcoin at the casino

There are plenty of perks for the players themselves when using Bitcoin to conduct transactions with the online casinos. Let’s look at the major ones.

Big Bonuses

The main benefit and the reason a lot of people opt in to using Bitcoin as their main banking method at the casinos is the large Bitcoin bonuses they get when they make a deposit. The no deposit bonus codes are great if you want to play a little for free, but for the players who are after the big money or the longest playtime, using Bitcoin will give them the most free casino chips possible.

For the reasons mentioned earlier, the online casinos are willing to give very big Bitcoin bonuses to those players who use the crypto to deposit and a large number of players are more than happy to oblige. Besides the signup bonus, the Bitcoin bonus is often gives you the option to squeeze the largest amount of free money from the casino.  But unlike the welcome offers, Bitcoin bonuses can often be claimed multiple times at the same casino by its existing customers. So if you are after the biggest bonus you can get at the online casinos, choosing Bitcoin as you payment method and using one of the bonus codes we have listed at the start of this guide is your best bet.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Besides the big Bitcoin bonus, another great benefit of choosing the famous crypto as your preferred banking method at the casino is the ability to both deposit money into your casino account and withdraw your winnings out of the casino.

Most traditional casino payment methods won’t allow you to conduct both types of transactions. For example, you can deposit money using a credit card, but you won’t be able to cash out your winnings back to the credit card. You would have to choose a different payment method. Another instance is – you can withdraw your money by getting a check mailed to you, but not many casinos today allow you to mail them a check to add money to your casino account. With Bitcoin this problem is solved. You can have one Bitcoin wallet and use it for both deposits and withdrawals at the casino.

Smallest Deposits and Biggest Withdrawals

Being the people’s currency, if you wish, one can send as little or as much of Bitcoin with every transaction. Ad while you won’t be able to deposit or withdraw a dime to the casino, you will get both the smallest deposits and the biggest withdrawals possible at an online casino which accepts Bitcoin.

On the deposit side, while most casinos have a $20-$25 minimum deposit with credit cards, for example, with Bitcoin you could go as low as $5 per deposit at some online casinos. And on the withdrawals side, all traditional methods will have a limit on how much you can cash out: per transaction, total per week, month, etc. But with Bitcoin, most online casinos will have absolutely no limit on how much of your winnings you can withdraw! This makes it the best payment option for those who won big and for the high rollers.

No Fees

It is true that most of the casinos tend to eat the fees that come with traditional payment methods, such as credit cards. But some do indeed pass on those fees to the player, especially when it comes to withdrawals. In order for a casino to grant players the ability to cash out smaller amounts, they tend to pass on the fees to them.

But when using Bitcoin, all those fees are non-existent for the players. Since the crypto transactions carry a very small fees to begin with, regardless of the amount of the transaction, the gambling sites have no problem taking care of them for you. In essence there are virtually no fees for either depositing or withdrawing money at the casino.

One thing we should note here, however, is that while you won’t pay any fees when using Bitcoin as your payment method at the casino, you may end up paying quite a bit when it comes to converting your Bitcoin to dollars or any other fiat currency. You will most likely pay a fee to sell your Bitcoin at the exchange and be slapped with yet another fee when you withdraw cash from the exchange. Some crypto exchanges are notoriously more expensive than others, so make sure you do your homework beforehand. Look for reputable exchanges with low fees, not only to sell/buy Bitcoin, but for the subsequent withdrawal of your fiat currency.


The speed of Bitcoin transactions is another reason the online casinos are always giving their players such big bonuses. The settlement of a crypto transaction is where the notorious “miners” come into play, but without going into it any further, it suffices to say that a deposit/withdrawal transaction using Bitcoin settles infinitely faster than the standard fiat currency methods.

In reality, it takes 10-20min for a Bitcoin transaction to get enough confirmations on the network to be considered complete. Most people don’t really want to wait this long after deposit in order to start playing their favorite casino games, so a lot of them were not inclined to use Bitcoin, even with the higher bonus money at stake. So the casinos took it a step further and began offering instant Bitcoin deposits. Nowadays, most casinos will treat a Bitcoin deposit transaction as instantaneous and once you make a deposit at the cashier, your money will be available for play right away. There is no need to wait for blockchain confirmations, you not only get your deposit instantly, but the bonus that comes with it, as well.

Security and Safety

Judging by the rampant credit card and bank account fraud in the world today, security when conducting online payments may seem as an impossible task. But one of the top benefits of using Bitcoin at the online casinos is exactly that – the strong security and safety.

Unlike traditional payment methods, a Bitcoin transaction is simply a transaction between two blockchain addresses. These addresses are not only disconnected from the identity of the parties involved, but they could be for one-time use only, further strengthening the security of your funds. You can generate as many new addresses as you want, so you can make as many or as few transactions as you want. There is no personal information exchanged in the transaction, from either side, as well. So Bitcoin is certainly the safest and most secure way to buy anything online.

There is one drawback however, and sometimes people fall victim to it, so we must talk about it. Namely, that the Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. This means that once you send Bitcoin – that transaction is completed and cannot be reversed. Couple that with the generally long and complex form of the Bitcoin addresses and mistake can happen.

If you send the payment to the wrong address – those Bitcoins are gone and you can’t get it back, even if the address you sent them to doesn’t exist. So always make sure you have the exact proper address when depositing money at the casino, otherwise if you make a mistake – there is nothing that can be done to get your money back.

World-wide availability

And finally – Bitcoin is available almost everywhere in the world. Unlike the usual payment methods, credit cards for example, Bitcoin can be used nearly anywhere in the world today. And there is no difference in the transaction fees, whether you are sending money next door or on the other side of the globe.

The adoption of Bitcoin at the online casinos (not to mention the big bonuses that come with it), has made it possible for many people in countries with limited access to traditional finance options, to become customers. Not only at the casinos, but at many other online retailers and service websites.

How to deposit using Bitcoin

The Bitcoin bonus, condensing it’s not a no-deposit bonus, requires that the player fund their account in order to get the big match bonus in return. For people who are new to using crypto, we have a step by step guide on how to deposit using Bitcoin, courtesy of the Las Vegas USA casino. For the newbies out there, it may seem like a daunting task to use this new transaction method, but you will see that it’s nearly as easy as using any other banking option at the casino.

Steps to deposit Bitcoin at the casino

Step 1

Step 1:

When you log in to your casino account, head over to the cashier section. Once there, choose the Bitcoin option among the various payment methods available at your preferred online casino.

Step 2

Step 2:

After choosing Bitcoin as the method of deposit, enter the amount you wish to deposit at the casino.

Step 3

Step 3:

At this point, some casinos may give you the option to choose how fast the deposit would be available to you. In the case on the left, Las Vegas USA gives their players the option to go fast, with just one confirmation (about a minute) or slower, with 6 confirmations. A lot of online casinos will simply credit your funds instantly, once they detect the transaction has been initiated, usually within seconds of sending the money.

Step 4

Step 4:

Once you have entered the amount desired to deposit, click Next. The casino will give you a Bitcoin address to send that amount to. Simply copy that address and open your preferred crypto wallet app.

Step 5

Step 5:

In your Bitcoin wallet, go to the Send option. Paste the address the casino gave you as the destination address.

Step 6

Step 6:

Still in your Bitcoin wallet, next enter the amount of the transaction. Keep in mind that it must match with what the casino is expecting to receive. You can also copy the deposit amount from the casino app and paste it as the deposit amount in your Bitcoin wallet, to avoid any mistakes.

Step 7

Step 7:

Finish the transaction as per your Bitcoin wallet. Usually this would entail confirming the information before completing the transaction, accepting any fees the wallet may charge and submitting the final confirmation.

Final Step

Step 8:

And that’s it. You deposit is now complete and you can head back to the casino and enjoy your deposit and the Bitcoin bonus you got with it.

As you can see, there really isn’t all that much to funding your account with Bitcoin and cashing in on those big Bitcoin deposit bonuses. Once you have successfully completed a deposit, it only gets easier. And withdrawal has even fewer steps involved. Just supply your cashout Bitcoin address, which you get from your Bitcoin wallet app, and that’s it. In minutes your winnings will be available in the wallet for you to enjoy.

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