Free signup bonus: No deposit casino real money

Among the most popular features of the online casinos, the various bonuses and promotions are highly sought after by the experienced player. The no deposit bonus codes are certainly leading in popularity, but another option is often overlooked, namely the free signup bonus. It gives you the option to not only try out the games a new online casino offers, but you can do so with a real money offer. Here we will look at all these options presented to new customers when they decide to change casinos or join one of the first time.

Free Signup Bonuses

Bonus Code: LUCKYCHIP40

$40 Free Money

Lucky Tiger casino has taken the lead when it comes to offering the best free signup bonus to its potential new customers. This offer is giving you the chance to get real casino money to play any of their video slots and specialty games available. The wagering requirements are rather low for this type of signup bonus, set at just 50x the free chips, although the max cashout is on the smaller side at only $100. Still, a crispy $100 bill in your pocket with no risk is hard to beat.


Free Signup Bonus Code: DIVADARK50

50 Free Spins

The SlotoCash online casino is heavily promoting their new video slot “Divas of Darkness” with 50 free spins, no real money deposit required. This bonus is available to both new customers and existing players, which gives you more options to choose. You can claim the bonus as your welcome offer, in which case you can play the slot for free to win real money, or you can opt out for their standard welcome bonus, and claim these free spins later down the road. You can read our view on this type of bonuses further down this guide. WGR set at 60x and the max cashout is $200.


Bonus Code: ISCREAM5

$5 Free Casino Money

If you like to get something for nothing, the free signup bonus at Red Stag is something to consider. The casino is giving all new players who claim this offer a free $5 chip to play this month. No deposit is required to redeem this signup offer, the wagering is set at unusually low 40x and the winnings withdrawal from this bonus tops at $160.


Bonus Code: DIVA50

50 Free Spins

The folks at Uptown Aces give you another shot at the “Divas of Darkness” video slot machine with their 50 free spins signup bonus. This is yet another bonus code that could be claimed by both their existing customers, as well as new players of the casino as a signup bonus. The playthrough requirements are the standard 60x, but the maximum cashout amount in real money from this free signup bonus is just $180 – not too low, but not as high as others. Once again, as an offer for both new and existing players, this could be left for later, if you are more interested in getting the most out of our first deposit with the casino by taking their standard welcome bonus.


About the free signup bonus

If you’ve been playing casino games online, you already know that the welcome bonus is the most generous match bonus you can get at the online casinos. Since it is designed to attract new players to the casino property, it offers the maximum return of one’s money, in the form of free casino chips. There is one catch though, and that is the fact that you must make a deposit with the casino in order to claim the welcome bonus.

An example of a free signup bonus with the casino giving their new customers a $40 in real casino money without a deposit.

The free signup bonus is similar with one important distinction – you don’t need to deposit ay money in order to claim it. It is a relatively recent form of new-player bonus, relative to the traditional deposit-based welcome bonus that is, but it serves the same purpose – entice the potential player to sign up with the online casino. And while you won’t find it offered at every casino, there are a few reputable ones that offer a free signup bonus.

Get no deposit casino real money

Basically, the free signup bonus gives you to option to receive no-deposit casino real money. This in turn means that you can win real money, without having to make a single deposit at the casino, essentially playing with the casino’s money for free. The casino will give you the advertised amount of free, real money, which you can use to play all the casino games, slots, for example. If you end up winning – you get to cash out that money.

The offer is available only to new players to the company, in other words, this must be the first time you’ve ever played at this particular online casino. But don’t despair, if the online casino is offering a free signup bonus it means that they also often give their existing players no-deposit bonus codes, which work the same way.

Is the free signup bonus real?

Absolutely. We understand the skepticism by some people that a casino will give you no deposit real money to just sign up with them; after all, when was the last time a traditional, land-based casino did such a thing? But rest assured that the free signup bonus is a real bonus offer from the online casinos to new players. It is extremely popular, which may be the reason you are reading this right now in the first place, and it wouldn’t be if it was a scam of some sort.

As the rule of thumb dictates, with casino bonuses the most important thing is finding the right casino, a reputable one, more so than the size of the bonus. There are some rogue casinos which use the free signup bonus as a way to try and scam people, but you won’t find any of them here, as evidenced by the small, hand-curated list of no deposit casino real money bonuses here. As long as you don’t veer from the good online casinos in search of more free casino money, you will be fine.

Casino games you can play with the free signup bonus

This is another topic that comes up quite often when the no deposit signup bonus is brought up. What games can you play with it? It would depend on the type of free signup bonus you want to claim. If it’s of the free money variety, i.e. the casino will give you free real money, then you can play any of the casino games available. But some of the signup bonuses that require no deposit come in the form of free spins. Those re tied to just one specific vide slot and only after you have played the free spins there, can you take your casino chips to a different one. But in either case, there is the opportunity to play all the games the casino has to offer.

How is the free signup bonus different from the welcome bonus

To start with, they are both a type of signup bonus for new customers, but this is where the similarities end. The free signup bonus, as the name implies, offers real casino money with no deposit required. We say “implies”, because the welcome bonus also offers real money for free, but unlike the former, it dos require a deposit in order to redeem it. This is the starkest difference between the two, but we must go into more detail to get the bigger picture.

The differences between the traditional welcome bonus and the free signup bonus are not limited to just the need to make a real money deposit. It also extends to what you will get in the end. Here are some of the positives and negatives if you choose to go with a free signup bonus over the standard deposit-based welcome bonus:

The actual amount of free casino real money

The usual welcome bonus is based on a percentage of your first deposit with the casino. As such, you basically control the amount of free money you can get when you signup at the casino. The free signup bonus, on the other hand, is an exact and limited amount of free chips.

For example, it is not uncommon for a casino to offer 400% match on your first deposit. In that case, if you deposit $100, you will get an additional $400 from the casino in real money, which you can withdraw, along with your deposit and winnings, once you have met the wagering requirements. On the other side, if you get one of the more generous no deposit signup bonuses, you may get something like $50 free to play the slots.

Looking at the examples above, it’s more than clear that the traditional bonus for new customers will give you a lot more real money as a casino bonus. For the small deposit of just $100, you’d get $400 free vs only $50. And the linear nature of the bonus makes this difference even bigger with higher deposit amounts, i.e. if you deposited $200 you would’ve received an extra $800 in free chips, yet the free signup bonus remains at $50 no matter what.

The conditions of the free signup bonus

The terms and conditions of the no deposit signup bonus are also a bit worse than the deposit-based signup bonus. Since the casino is giving you real money for free, they tend to make you play a bit longer before you get the chance to cash out your winnings. This is understandable, the goal of any gambling company is not to give away free money, that would have them bankrupt in no time. Still, expect wagering requirements of the free signup bonus to be larger than the standard one. For instance, a welcome bonus may have 30x playthrough, while a no-deposit signup bonus may have 60x the wagering requirement.

Another important condition many people overlook when it comes to the no deposit casino real money for new players is how much can you actually win. Generally, the deposit-based welcome bonuses don’t have a limit on how much money you can win with the bonus. But this is not the case with the free signup bonus. You will always have a limit on the real money you can win with it, which is a huge difference between the two.

For this reason alone, we always recommend the players avoid the progressive slot machines, or any slot with a large jackpot, really. Since you are limited on the amount of real money you can win when playing with a free signup bonus, hitting a big jackpot not only doesn’t add all that money to your cashable winnings, but it can feel downright cruel to win all that money and you can’t cash it out. Stick to the regular video slots and once you reach the max cashout, withdraw your winnings. If you so desire, once this is done’ you could use that same money to make a deposit, even claim a match-bonus, and then play the games with jackpots.

Is the free signup bonus better than the deposit welcome bonus?

After all this, you may be wondering whether the free signup bonus, where you get no deposit casino real money, is in any way better than the typical welcome bonus, where the player must make a deposit first.

The answer to this question is highly subjective. If, on one side, you are looking to get the most free, yet real money possible when you join an online casino, then the free signup bonus is certainly not the way to go. One can get so much more free chips added to their starting bankroll by depositing a relatively small amount of money. The T&C of this type of bonus are better, and often there is no limit to how much you can win with the bonus.

On the other side, the free signup bonus is exactly that – free casino money. If you don’t want to risk any of your won money whatsoever, yet you want to play the casino games for real money (and stand the chance to also win real money), than there is nothing better than the free signup bonus. With most bonuses of this kind you get to play all the video slots at the casino, experience them the same way any real money player would, knowing that in the end, if you happen to win – you get to cash out actual money. There is no better way of gambling with a smaller amount of risk, considering the risk is non-existent, since you didn’t have to deposit any of your own money. Which way you would go – free signup bonus where the casino gives you real money with no strings attached, or the welcome bonus, where you have to deposit, but will get so much more in return, is a question we cannot answer for you. But you must ask yourself this, because the new customer signup bonus is given just once; after that the bonuses available to you will be those for existing customers. So choose wisely before you make your decision, and don’t forget that there are plenty of no deposit bonuses available to existing players already.

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