Casino reward programs, VIP tiers, and best casino loyalty programs

On our website we focus a lot on the bonuses, especially on the no deposit bonuses, i.e. those giving you the chance to win real money without having to make a single deposit. We also cover as much as we can of any other casino bonus and promotion worth mentioning.

But the bonuses the online casinos give to every player are not the only way you can get some free money. Often overlooked are the casino reward programs and the various other loyalty rewards available at nearly every online casino today. We have reviewed dozens of those reward programs and below you will find our findings – the top 3 casino reward programs for loyal customers. You can also learn more about the loyalty programs, the benefits of climbing up the tiers to VIP status and much more.

The Best Casino Reward Programs

Rich Palms Reward Program: The Rich Club

We like the loyalty program at the Rich Palms online casino, The Rich Club, the best among the top options. We believe that it offers the perfect balance of all perks which benefit the player the most.

The Rich Club is divided into six separate tiers, which are, starting from the lowest and easiest to achieve to the hardest and most prestige one: Black, Silver, Golden, Platinum, Diamond, and Millionaire. Naturally, the higher one climbs up the rewards program ladder, the bigger the size of the perks and benefits will grow, but nearly all of them will feature some great deals.

First, every time you achieve a level, you will automatically get a free, no-deposit bonus to play on any of the games the casino offers. When you become Black level, for example, you will instantly get a $100 bonus, while those who manage to climb to the top VIP status of Millionaire will get a $1,000 right away. A special bonus will also be given to you, as low as 185% match on the first level, and a sizable birthday bonus.

The real beauty of the program, however, comes from two very beneficial perks – the cashbacks and the conversion of comp points to real money. The cashback bonuses, in our opinion, is where this program really shines.

All players, regardless of their level in the loyalty program, will have access to two types of cashbacks – a daily cashback and a weekly cashback. For the lower level of the VIP program, the cashback will carry a 6x maximum cashout, but the real benefits start at the Platinum level. Once there, there are no more maximum cashout from the cashback bonus and now you can also claim a 5% monthly cashback bonus, to boot, going up as high as 12% for those in the Millionaire club.

The comp points conversion is also very generous at Rich Palms. The first level members, those holding the “Black” status, can convert their comp points at a 18:1 ratio, which only gets better from there. The top VIP players will get a 10:1 conversion, some of the best we have ever seen.

What are the casino reward programs

The rewards programs at the online casinos are yet another great way to get some free money. Much like credit card and store rewards, these types of programs at the casinos are designed to reward the player for their loyalty.

They are always designed into tiers, and the more you play, the higher up the latter you will climb. Each tier will give you a lot of perks – from free, no-deposit, money, to various bonuses and even merch. These casino reward programs are free to participate in, and you don’t really have to do anything other than playing the games at the casino, essentially as maintenance free as you could imagine.

How the casino loyalty programs work

The premise behind the casino reward programs is very simple – you get rewarded every time you play at that online casino and it all happens behind the scene.

For every dollar wagered at the casino, the player will get something called “comp points”. The usual ratio is 1 comp point per 1 dollar wagered. As you play the various casino games, those comp point accumulate with every dollar you bet.

The most common way the casino reward programs work is that each tier of the loyalty program is reached by accumulating a certain number of comp points. Once you’ve reached the level necessary, you are instantly upgraded to the next level in the program.

The best part is that you don’t really have to do anything on your end. All is handled automatically by the casino. And since all VIP programs are based on wagers not on losses, you don’t have to lose in order to become a VIP at the online casino. All you have to do is accumulate enough comp points and you will be on your way to some great perks.

What benefits can I expect to get from the rewards program?

There are a ton of perks you could expect from any online casino rewards program. The comp points you accumulate during your gameplay, for example, can be converted to real money, and the higher your tier, the better this conversion becomes. This alone makes the higher tiers very valuable. But it’s not the only benefit you would get.

A lot of bonuses are also given away to the loyal customers of the casino. Most casinos will offer exclusive bonuses to their VIP customers, including free money, without the need of any deposits. There will also be deposit-based bonuses, with much better terms than what is available to the general player. They will have higher match percentage, as well as lower wagering requirements.

For those players reaching the highest of status in most casino VIP programs, the benefits re even greater. With such status, the online casino will grant you access to dedicated VIP customer service, you will be able to cash out higher amounts than most players, your deposits will be much smoother, even for large amounts, and your withdrawals will always go ahead of the line.

Many online casinos will also sweeten the pot by offering special executive VIP tournaments with incredible prizes. Access to higher bet limits will also be granted. Larger cashback bonuses will become available the higher you are in the rewards program and more often, to boot. And, of course, you will be treated as a VIP player would expect to be treated.

Is it worth chasing casino reward program status?

With all that said – is it worth chasing status with the casino reward programs? In our opinion, the loyalty programs are but one side of the experience at the casino. Playing at a casino with an excellent reward program is great, but it should hardly be the focus of your criteria for choosing a place to play.

Since the reward programs work I the background, chasing status is not something we recommend you pursue. Yes, you will get a ton of perks with the higher VIP levels, but it shouldn’t be something on which you base your playing habits.

You will climb the rungs of the reward program ladder as you play with the casino, thus finding an online casino which is honest, fun to play, gives you plenty of daily bonuses and treats you right from the start is the best approach.  A lot of the top VIPs get there merely by the fact that they have found a casino they like and decided to patronize it. With time, you will accumulate enough comp points to reach the highest VIP level and this speaks volumes to the quality of the casino ad the fun you had.

So our recommendation would be to not chase status, but chase quality. All reputable online casinos will offer great reward programs. And finding one that checks the boxes of all your requirements is more important than anything. When you find that casino, everything else will fall into place.

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