Can you win a lot of money playing casino games with no deposit bonuses?

This is a question we often hear being asked by many people who are interested in the no-deposit type of bonuses. Since the no deposit bonuses sometimes may sound too good to be true, many do wonder if you can really win a lot of money when playing the games using these promotions.

The simple answer is: yes, you can win a lot of money when playing with a no deposit bonus. But this would highly depend on your definition of how much money is a lot of money.

Of course, “a lot of money” would require a subjective definition by each individual. What for one group of people may constitute a lot of money, others may smirk at it as chump change. Following this train of though, yes, you can win a lot of money, if for you $150-$200 is a lot of money. And to be frank, there are too many countries in this world where this would be more than a monthly salary. For those people, the answer would truly be “yes”, you can win a lot of money when playing the casino games with the no deposit bonus offers. While for others, a $200 real money win would be a drop in the ocean. Those types of people would hardly call such a win “a lot of money”, thus the answer would change.

You may wonder what limits your win to the lower three-figure range, why isn’t it possible to win a lot of money? We already covered this topic when we recommended people avoid playing jackpot games with no deposit bonuses, and while the same applies here, let’s look at this casino bonus peculiarity in more detail here as well.

By nature, the no-deposit bonuses will always have a maximum cashout amount. That is, you will only be able to withdraw so much real money when you win, after claiming a no deposit bonus code. It varies by bonus, but they will all cap your withdrawal to a certain amount, and that amount Is usually anywhere between $100 and $200. There are exceptions, of course, but those are quite rare. Because of this limit on your withdrawal, you can theoretically win a lot of money, millions if you wish, but in the end, you won’t be able to withdraw but the predetermined max cashout amount. All those winnings are indeed for naught, so we can’t really count them as winning a lot of money.

Therefore, don’t go trying to win a lot of money when playing with a no deposit bonus code! Read the terms and conditions of the bonus beforehand, especially the part which tells you the most real money you an withdraw when playing with the bonus. Should you reach that amount – cash out your winnings, don’t try and win any more money. Later, you can re-deposit those winnings, if your aim is to win a lot of money at the casino games.

Keep in mind that the no-deposit bonuses are not the only type of promotion that may have a max withdrawal limit. Even some deposit bonuses will have a cap on your payout. So you won’t really be able to win a lot of money when playing at the online casinos with those bonuses, either. Once again, you make your own definition of what is a lot of money. But we won’t consider anything less that tens of thousands of dollars.

The only way you can make sure that you have a real chance of winning A LOT of money is to simply avoid using any type of bonus and just pay with your own money. Or look for casino bonuses with no limit on your withdrawal. Doing so will ensure that if you happen to win big, let’s say a progressive jackpot, you won’t be limited by the conditions of a bonus. Instead, you can simply withdraw the money you’ve won, no matter how large the amount is. But if you choose to use a bonus that doesn’t require deposit, you will only be able to cash out money equivalent to the number specified in the conditions of the said bonus.

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